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Health Centre, Bara Mulla, J&K

AMAN, with assistance from the Charities Aid Foundation has been conducting it activities at its Community Based Health Care in a remote village of Mattipora in Baramulla district since February 2012. The project has seen active participation of the local community in not only mobilising people of the district to take part in the programme… View Article

AMAN Health Camps in J&K

AMAN trust conducted a TB awareness camp in the village Mattipora in the Baramulla district of J&K on the 15th July. The camp is part of a year long awareness campaign on TB prevention. The programme is being conducted in collaboration with the Government t of J&K and Voluntary Health Association of India (VHAI). Nearly… View Article

Report on AMAN Health Care Centre, Baramulla, J&K

The AMAN Health Care Centre, now being supported Charities Aid Foundation has been running in the village of Matipora in Baramulla district, Jammu and Kashmir since, 2003. It broad objectives are: Providing health care and laboratory facilities to people of 20 villages of Baramulla district Run preventive awareness campaigns on reproductive health and child care… View Article

Aman Kanooni Sahayata Kendra

Aman is also running a Legal Aid Cell called Kanooni Sahayta Kendra in Jehanabad Town. The centre provides legal assistance to vulnerable and marginalized people who are caught up in legal conflicts and cannot afford expensive and and sometime exploitative legal services. Several hundred such cases have been handled by the Kendra. Majority of the… View Article

Community Mobilisation on Social Security Programmes

Aman started working on participation of the local communities in implementation of government-run poverty alleviation and social security programmes in two villages a few year back. Now the work has expanded to over 30 villages of four blocks of Jehanabad and Arwal Districts. The last few years have witnessed a series of activities at different… View Article

Transforming for Empowerment

An independent theatre group with the name Lok Panch, has been formed in Patna. A set of senior theatre activists have assembled under a collective leadership. Two of the Aman workers are part of the group. The group is using Theatre of the Oppressed to transform theatre practices from being didactic to participative. The group… View Article

Interventions with the PRI Elected Women Representatives (EWRs)

People of four Panchayats of Basantpur and Chhatapur Blocks of Supaul District have been partners in change in the region for the last three years. They have been instrumental in our wide range of initiatives after the disastrous floods in 2008. As an expansion of our activities AMAN has started working with the Elected Womens… View Article

TechCamp Delhi

Event Period: 5-6 August 2017 Aman Trust in collaboration with COVA, Hyderabad and Word for Peace organized a TechCamp in New Delhi on 5-6 August 2017 at the Indian Social Institute (ISI), Lodhi Road, New Delhi. COVA had organised the first TechCamp to counter online hate campaigns in Hyderabad from 27-29thNovember 2017 in which 32… View Article

Legal Assistance to Asylum Seekers (as directed by the UNHCR), India

Project Period: January 2017 – Ongoing AMAN Trust supports ARA Trust in providing legal aid and due representation to the asylum seekers or refugee population from Afghanistan as listed under the guidelines of UNHCR. ARA Trust being the only organization with Letter of Understanding with the UNHCR India addresses the vulnerabilities of asylum seekers in… View Article

Update on Queer Writing Series

Project Period: July 2015- May 2018 Queer and feminist politics are at a peculiar crossroads in India in present days. Earlier histories of queer movement in India were rooted in many ways in an intersectional, feminist politics which saw gender, sexuality, caste, race, religion and ability intrinsically connected. Such a politics, a queer politics, had… View Article