Update on Queer Writing Series

Project Period: July 2015- May 2018

Queer and feminist politics are at a peculiar crossroads in India in present days. Earlier histories of queer movement in India were rooted in many ways in an intersectional, feminist politics which saw gender, sexuality, caste, race, religion and ability intrinsically connected. Such a politics, a queer politics, had the opportunity and potential of building a sexuality politics that was more than just LGBT, and included all those denied sexual rights which in India are a broad list. The Supreme Court reversal of the 2009 judgment has returned a sense of uncertainty into queer spaces. The reactions have had many different facets- while opinions are changing, a climate of intolerance has gotten a boost and the law has yet again empowered as a tool of discrimination.

This project marked a significant move forward by opening up the production of knowledge by publishing texts on gender and sexuality that will be widely circulated by being freed of copyright, translated in regional languages as well as circulated free of cost after a period of time. It created sustainable, accessible and rigorous portfolio of writing and publication, the key themes of the writings being – gender, sexuality and rights with 4-6 titles within the broad themes.