TechCamp Delhi

Event Period: 5-6 August 2017

Aman Trust in collaboration with COVA, Hyderabad and Word for Peace organized a TechCamp in New Delhi on 5-6 August 2017 at the Indian Social Institute (ISI), Lodhi Road, New Delhi.

COVA had organised the first TechCamp to counter online hate campaigns in Hyderabad from 27-29thNovember 2017 in which 32 participants from 7 countries and 16 participants from 6 cities of India participated and gained expertise in social media to counter online hate campaigns and fanatic indoctrination.

The online media is being increasingly used for hate campaigns to spread misinformation aimed to create distrust and alienation between different communities that result in conflicts and violence. All communities and sections all over the world seem to be getting afflicted by this phenomenon of online indoctrination leading to increasing fanatic ideology and actions by individuals and groups that are becoming organized and showing a swell both in terms of their numbers and their propensity to violence. In order to address these socially divisive and devastating trends arising from wrong use of social media and to promote understanding and peace in and through cyberspace, the Concept of TechCamps to counter online fanatic indoctrination is developed.

The participants at a Delhi TechCamp were progressive religious scholars, media persons, social activists, academics and youth who were trained to gain expertise in using social media for peace and understanding and to counter misinformation and hate campaigns.