Health Centre, Bara Mulla, J&K

AMAN, with assistance from the Charities Aid Foundation has been conducting it activities at its Community Based Health Care in a remote village of Mattipora in Baramulla district since February 2012. The project has seen active participation of the local community in not only mobilising people of the district to take part in the programme but also in providing voluntary labour and services in running the centre. The Centre is the only quality medical facility for 20 surrounding villages.

The highest number of patients range from the age group of 20-50 with 60 per cent of the patients being women. In the last three and a half months the centre treated almost 1000 persons and has conducted carried out 50 laboratory tests during the same period. Approximately, 44% of the patients came from Matipora while other patieents come from  villages as far as Habang Tango, Tangnarg, Nowpara and Magam. Presently the centre is housed in a five room building.

The Team and Facilities at the Centre
The medical team at the centre comprises of eleven people. They include a one programme coordinator, four doctors (General Physician, Gynecologist,  Ophthamologist and  Dentist), two lab technicians, two nurses, one warden and one helper. The facilities at the laboratory include following tests: Urine, blood, LFT, CRP and pregnancy

Frequent Illnesses
Most frequently reported illnesses are fever, diarrhea, bronchitis and RTI . Other regulalry reported illnesses include UTI, hypertension, Eczema / Vitiligo, Bleeding gums, grossly decayed teeth, leucoria (white discharge), dismanorea (pain during menstruation), metraghea (irregular menstruation), hair loss and scabies. An abnormally high number of patients were detected with jaundice leading to many serum blomium tests in the laboratory. Other frequent tests carried out are: ASO, CRP for skin; GT to determine pregnancy; HCG for hormones and HBB to check for hemoglobin.