Categories for Relief Work

Flood Relief Interventions- Give2Asia Health Camp

Project Period: 2014- 2016 The flood of September 2014 followed by heavy rainfall had resulted in stagnant water in most of the villages across the district of Srinagar, Baramulla, Budgam and Bandipora. This caused various health hazards mainly concerning water borne diseases and allied health issues. AMAN’s team extended their support to 14 far flung… View Article

Flood Relief Interventions- Relief Material Distribution, J&K

Project Period: 2014- 2016 When around 12.5 lac families were directly and indirectly affected by the floods, loss of property was estimated to be around a crore. As per the assessment and observation of AMAN’s field team during the course of immediate flood relief intervention activities, thousands of families lost their residential houses in the… View Article

Flood Relief Interventions – TATA RO Plants Installation, J&K

Project Period: 2014- 2016 possess various health related challenges on the affecting community. Lack of clean drinking water and inadequate supplies affects the life of community members adversely. Contaminated water sources leads to many water borne diseases. AMAN’s team facilitated the successful installation of 20 TATA RO water treatment plants across the flood affected districts of Budgam,… View Article

Flood Relief Interventions-House Construction for Flood Victims, J&K

Project Period: 2014- 2016 Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) witnessed the worst flood 2nd September 2014 onwards during the last stage of Indian monsoon. This triggered flooding and landslides in the region. On the 5th of September the Jhelum River was reported to be flowing over the danger mark. About 2600 villages were reported to be… View Article