Categories for Education

Cluster Education Programme, Bihar

The quality of education defines and determines the quality of life that a society aspires to lead. Recognizing the importance of improving the quality of education in the schools, there have been several government and non-government efforts across the country spanning many years. Though these efforts have, to some extent, addressed issues of basic infrastructure… View Article

Young Scholars Learning Initiative (YSLI), J&K

The YSLI is a program that aims to support young children affected by conflict in the regions of J&K. Building on the years of experience of working with young people, the YSLI initiative seeks to provide a more holistic framework for leadership development among the youth so that they not only build meaningful careers but… View Article

The Indian Public Library Movement (IPLM), Jammu & Kashmir

Project Period: 1st December 2016 to 30th November 2017 The public library development in India remains an untouched affair. Most of the public libraries in India are either under-utilised or lack adequate resources to cater to the demand of its users. Considering that the public libraries are easy to access knowledge centres, it demands urgent… View Article