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Behind the rash of accidents involving Blueline buses in New Delhi is a strained informal economy of meagre wages and rampant corruption, says Rukmini Barua The recent public uproar against Delhi’s Blueline buses over a rash of accidents and the sub-standard condition of the buses has forced the Delhi government to take action against the… View Article

LEADER ARTICLE: Hide Your Love Away

Rizwanur Rehman’s charming smile refuses to fade from people’s memory. After his body was found on September 21 on train tracks in the heart of Kolkata, there have been numerous candlelight vigils, angry protests and demonstrations demanding the truth about his death. While his family suspects that Rizwanur was murdered, the police commissioner shrugged away… View Article

THAT TIME OF THE GUN – After Nandigram, the political debate should focus on violence

The practice of violence, like all action, changes the world, but the most probable change is a more violent world — Hannah Arendt After Nandigram, the most important concern in political debate ought to be the issue of violence — legitimate, illegitimate, formal and informal. I doubt whether this debate will take place, because the… View Article

Corruption and patronage mars NREGS implementation in Biharrk NREGS implementation in Bihar

A survey of the NREGA by AMAN Trust in Jehanabad and Arwal districts of Bihar reveals that 50% of eligible households do not have access to the benefits of the scheme. Awareness of the scheme is low, only 16.5% of the beneficiaries are women, and caste/class hierarchies dominate Bihar has one of the lowest literacy… View Article

No quick fixes, please

The Supreme Court’s March 31 observations regarding the armed group — Salwa Judum — affect not only Chhattisgarh, where this group operates, but pose questions to major actors across the political spectrum. Admitting two public interest petitions on the matter, Chief Justice K.G. Balakrishnan asked the respondent, “How can the State give arms to some… View Article

Between Despair and Hope: Interrogating ‘Terrorism’

The practice of violence, like all action, changes the world, but the most probable change is a more violent world – Hannah Arendt The words ‘terror’ (meaning intense fear and dread), and ‘terrorism’ (the systematic employment of violence and intimidation to coerce a government or community into acceding to specific political demands) are steeped in… View Article

Family chronicles

The tragedy of the Partition can be revisited from many prisms. The most common is the brutal violence and displacement that shaped the formation of India and Pakistan. In this article I will not address that aspect; instead I want to try and sketch an anecdotal history by dwelling on incidents in my family which,… View Article

A house divided for Mrs and Mr

An article on Marriage Laws (Amendment) Bill in the Tribun A house divided for Mrs and Mr Are women recognised as equal actors inside the institution of marriage? Success of the new Marriage Laws (Amendment) Bill, which ensures half a share for woman in her husband’s residential property depends on how this question is answered… View Article

The Return of the Dead

The brutal gunning down of the chief of the banned Ranvir Sena, Brahmeshwar Singh ‘Mukhiya’, in broad daylight in Ara on June 1 is being seen as linked to the April 2012 acquittal of 23 Bathani Tola massacre convicts by the Patna high court. The Mukhiya — one of the main accused among them —… View Article