Capacity Building & Advocacy for Scrap Worker’s Rights and Health, Delhi

Project Period: 1st June 2015 to 31st May 2016

A large population of immigrants, refugees and migrants in the city of Delhi is a part of labour force in unorganized sector. Not much has been done to address the challenges faced by these workers in the unorganized sector across Delhi.

With a vision to address the challenges faced by the migrant workers, AMAN Trust with the help of its donor agency American Jewish World Service (AJWS), conducted various capacity building training and awareness generation activities under this project. The highlights of advocacy related activities were as-

1/ mobilizing the rag pickers or urban waste worker’s community held in Okhla and Jahangirpuri localities of south and north Delhi respectively through capacity building workshops and community meetings.

2/ one day workshop was held on climate change and urban waste management on 9th August 2016 in Jahangipuri G block, attended by a total of 21 workers from both north and south Delhi regions.

3/ an exposure visit to the Dry Waste Collection Centre (DWCC), Jayanagar, Bangalore was conducted to understand and document the process of dry waste collection and thereby build capacities of scrap workers and,

4/ case study and recording of cases of migrant rag picking and urban waste processing workers and aiding their living conditions by handing their cases to local CSOs and human rights advocates.

Considering the success of its first phase, the project has been extended further to ensure reaching more number of scrap workers across Delhi.