Update and Appeal on J & K Floods

Dear Friends,

Greetings from all of us at AMAN Trust and Sadhbhavna Trust (SBT)

On behalf of the community with whom we are working in Kashmir; the AMAN Trust and SBT we would like to thank you for your support and solidarity for the relief and rehabilitation work that we initiated in Kashmir after the floods. Here is a brief update on the activities undertaken until now.

A few photographs are linked here. You can watch a video of the destruction caused by floods - Here

1/ The Team and Volunteers: A team of six doctors and two nurses from St John's Medical Hospital Bangalore joined the medical team and volunteers of AMAN Trust to conduct medical camps. The team from Bangalore arrived on the September 23 and will stay in Kashmir until October 2. The second team from St Johns Medical college will arrive on October 1.

2/ Medical Camps: Here are some facts and figures regarding locations and patients who attended the medical camps. We reproduce here a brief report written by doctors at the end of Day 4:

At the end of day 4, after the team has seen 3000+ patients, I write this with a sigh of relief that post floods, there has been no epidemic-like pattern of diseases such as diarrhea (gastroenteritis or cholera) or other water borne diseases.

A large section of the population has been suffering from diseases due to long term exposure to stagnant water. These include common cold, running nose, throat aches, dry cough, referred to as upper respiratory infections. People wading through high level of water have been infected with skin infections (bacterial/fungal) manifested as itching or lesions. Due to unaccustomed nature of work like shifting houses/lifting objects, people have been suffering from muscle ache/ joint pain/ generalized pain and weakness. Anaemia (dropping Hb Levels) manifested as tiredness/ fatigue and worms have infected children and adults alike.

Chronic problems such as hypertension/ diabetes have also been in significant numbers

Medical camps data:

District Baramulla



No. of patients seen

Deour Yakwanpora

4 days (17th- 20th Sept)



2 days (22nd- 23rd Sept)



2 days (24th- 25th Sept)



1 day (25th Sept)



1 day (26th Sept)




District Bandipora



No. of patients seen


4 days (21st- 24th Sept)



4 days (21st- 24th Sept)



2 days (25th-26th Sept)




Total number of patients consulted till 26th Sept: 5670

3/ Community Kitchen: A large number of villagers have been displaced and their homes submerged. Many are still living in make shift camps and others have returned to their homes. The floods have caused large damage to personal and public infrastructure. Our team collaborated with villagers to initiate community kitchens in different villages. Here are some details:




District Baramulla



Number of individuals

Deour Yakwanpora

4 days (17th- 20th Sept)


District Bandipora


6 days ( 21st- 26th Sept)



6 days ( 21st- 26th Sept)


Total number of beneficiaries


4/ Future Programme: After making a needs-assessment based on our past experience, and that of the last two weeks, AMAN and SBT have decided the following.

4.1/ Continuation of Medical Camps: We will continue to hold medical camps until October 15. This will enable us to reach out to over 15 villages and their surrounding areas that are still cut-off or are badly affected by floods. In almost all these villages, there has been no intervention made by any government or non-government agency.

4.2/ Community Kitchens: The community kitchen providing cooked food will be held until the October 1. After that we plan to provide dry food items to the families.

4.3/ Distribution Quilts (Kambals): Winter is fast approaching. Many people have lost their belongings. The communities suggested that we distribute at least one set of quilts to families, especially those with children.

4.4/ Hygiene and household Kits: A modest hygiene kit with essential items like soap, water, disinfectants (Dettol, Pheneyal), water purifiers and solar lamps will be distributed.

4.5/ Reconstruction of AMAN Medical Centre in Mattipora: The AMAN primary health care centre which was established 12 years ago in village Mattipora in Baramulla district has been completely destroyed. Nothing remains of the laboratory and medical equipment that we built with lot of effort and support from donors and well-wishers. In the next six months AMAN plans to rebuild the health centre so that we can continue providing much needed medical facilities to about 20 villages in the region.

5/ Resources, Donation and Request for further donations: A large number of people extended their solidarity and support for the relief programmes with financial donations, medicines and voluntary services. Until now the AMAN Trust and SBT have collected approx Rs 6 lakhs for relief and have spent Rs 3.5 lakhs. We request you to encourage your friends and colleagues to donate generously. As mentioned earlier, we would like to raise more resources for community kitchen, medicines, quilts and hygiene kits.

Those who want to donate in kind can send us following medicines.

(Please ensure that these are new medicines).

Taxim 200 mg, amoxillin 250/500mg, azithromycin 250/500mg, amoxicillin pd, ciprofloxacin 250/500mg, norfloxin 400mg, norcloxin tz, onto betnovet-n, volvi-gel, candid b, sofromycin, Neosporin-p, spy anti cold, tab anti cold, petob 40/d, omperozole, iron tonic, shelcal tab/spy, ascoril-d, coplox eye drops, ciprofloxin dye drops, citriz spy/tab, oflin oz spy/tab, vita-d3, acefeacelofenac tab, diclofenac tab, numcelide tab, novomax tab/drops, sincerest tab/drops, kofarest drops, anti spasmodic spy/tab/inj, zentel tab/spy.

Those friends who want to donate money they can donate through cheque or wire transfer.

Your donations are exempted from Income tax and we will send you an 80 G certificate.

Make sure you send us details of your donation at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The details of the account is as follows:

AMAN (Public Charitable Trust)

For wire transfer/RTGS/NEFT:

HDFC Bank, New Friends Colony Branch, New Delhi

SB Account No: 00891000049040

IFSC Code: HDFC 0000089

Name of Beneficiary: AMAN (public charitable trust)

6/ Besides large number of individual donors, we would like to acknowledge support and solidarity of the following people and institutions who helped AMAN and SBT raise resources and gave their precious voluntary time.

Dr Sanjiv Lewin and the team of doctors and nurses from St Johns medical College, Dr Nagaraja Mallikarjuna, Dr Geethu Maria Joseph, Dr Anaghshree US, Dr Sikha Ninon Mathew, Dr Dwayne Mascarenhas, Dr William Wilson, Rini Maria Antony, Jyotsna Rani Ekka

Ajit Chaudhari and Sourav Roy of Tata Sons Ltd for sponsoring the community kitchens and the travel costs of doctors from St Johns Medical College Bangalore

Mukul Manglik, Krishnan Agarwal and the students of Ramjas College, University of Delhi

The Miranda House Staff Association, University of Delhi

Youth Group of village Najan in Baramulla

Tanveer Dar, Action Aid Srinagar

Parveen Sikand, Radha Khan, Susan Abraham, Ashok Nehru and Sana Javeid

Best Regards

Jamal Kidwai, AMAN Trust and Madhvi Kukreja, Sadhbhavna Trust

Lest we forget

By Kausiki Sarma

The killing of five civilians at the hands of the Border Security Force in Ramban and their burial makes us recall the conversation we had with Habibullah Khan, the 80 year old caretaker of the more than two decades old Martyr's graveyard, located next to the Idgah in the heart of Srinagar. The graveyard, which holds almost 1500 burials, had its first burial in the early 1990's when militancy was at its peak. Carved in marble, at the entrance gate, are the lines, “Lest you forget we have given our “ today” for “tomorrow” of yours,” reminding visitors and passersby of the sacrifices made by those who lost their lives fighting for the cause of Kashmir.

Grave digging was not a profession which was passed on to Habibullah by his forefathers. This tall, lanky and bearded man was once an ordinary shopkeeper who took up the responsibility to look after the graveyard when he, like hundreds of others in the Kashmir valley, was affected by the everyday violence in the Kashmir valley.

By Kausiki Sarma


He recalls frequent encounters between Indian security forces and militants, leading to numerous deaths, torture and many human rights violations.

For Habibullah, becoming the caretaker of the graveyard was his way of giving back to society, his contribution to the struggle being waged by his fellow “freedom fighters” and his way of showing solidarity with the cause of Kashmir.


Fund Raising appeal for AMAN Primary Health Care Centre, Matipora, Baramulla, j&K

Since 2003, the AMAN Trust has been running a health care centre in the village Matipora, Baramulla district of Jammu and Kashmir ..... PHOTOS

The centre provides basic health care facilities to neighbouring twenty villages, in a radius of around 7 kms. In the past six months, more than 2500 people have visited the centre for treatment and consultation. Out of these, majority were women and children.

Report on AMAN Health Care Centre, Baramulla, J&K

The AMAN Health Care Centre, now being supported Charities Aid Foundation has been running in the village of Matipora in Baramulla district, Jammu and Kashmir since, 2003. It broad objectives are:

  • Providing health care and laboratory facilities to people of 20 villages of Baramulla district
  • Run preventive awareness campaigns on reproductive health and child care
  • Advocacy on government health care schemes like NRHM reach beneficiaries and properly implemented

This is a six monthly report, on its activities from 1st February to 31st July 2012.


AMAN Health Camps in J&K

AMAN trust conducted a TB awareness camp in the village Mattipora in the Baramulla district of J&K on the 15th July. The camp is part of a year long awareness campaign on TB prevention. The programme is being conducted in collaboration with the Government t of J&K and Voluntary Health Association of India (VHAI). Nearly twenty participants attended the camp. They included Asha workers, village Sarpanch, ICDS workers and village elders. AMAN will conducted four more such camps in the coming months. For more information on the programme, write to us.

See our photos section for pics.


Health Centre, Bara Mulla, J&K

AMAN, with assistance from the Charities Aid Foundation has been conducting it activities at its Community Based Health Care in a remote village of Mattipora in Baramulla district since February 2012. The project has seen active participation of the local community in not only mobilising people of the district to take part in the programme but also in providing voluntary labour and services in running the centre. The Centre is the only quality medical facility for 20 surrounding villages.

The highest number of patients range from the age group of 20-50 with 60 per cent of the patients being women. In the last three and a half months the centre treated almost 1000 persons and has conducted carried out 50 laboratory tests during the same period. Approximately, 44% of the patients came from Matipora while other patieents come from  villages as far as Habang Tango, Tangnarg, Nowpara and Magam. Presently the centre is housed in a five room building.


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