Report on AMAN Training on the Open Source Content Management System (CMS) using Joomla

A two-day training on the Open Source Content Management System (CMS) using Joomla was held at the office of the AMAN Trust 1st - 2nd November 2012. The workshop was conducted by AMAN colleague Mehdi and IT consultant Leo Fernandez. Six participants attended the event.

The first day started with AMAN Director Jamal Kidwai welcoming the participants and introducing the workshop. He said that AMAN Aman Trust is one of the few organizations ( NGO ) which has used free/open source software (FOSS/Linux) for almost all its work ever since its inception in 2003. It has an LTSP (Linux Terminal Server Project) server, which is upgraded regularly, and operates on disk less terminals which are connected to the main server. AMAN uses Linux to operate its printers and scanner, play multimedia cds and dvds, and even to download photographs from digital cameras. It has also allowed AMAN to use older hardware for a longer period of time than would have been possible with other operating systems. AMAN Trust use the open source software. Linux also helps in keeping the expenditure on maintenance on systems to the minimum. With Linux, we do not need to purchase any software, or indulge in piracy, since whatever we use is free to be distributed.

The next session was conducted by Leo Fernandez about the history and the contemporary ways the Open Source software & Free/Libre Open Source Software is used. He talked about Open Source License, and a mapping of the Free Software movement.

The third session was conducted by AMAN colleague Mehdi on: 

  • Overview of web technologies , ( registering domain Name , Top-level domain names ,  ) and Web Hosting Package , compare the Linux Web Hosting and Windows Web Hosting and detailed talk on the complete information about hosting service .


  • Discussion about DNS ( Domain Name System ) and Server Name, and showing how to connect the domain name to Hosting server.


  • CMS Comparison : between Drupal, Joomla , Wordpress, and talk about pros and cons .


  • This was followed by a discussion on started on Website Planning , how to prepare the Questionnaire , layout, color, give the Demonstration.

The fourth Session began with an Introduction of Joomla , Brief Joomla Overview , Joomla Features and installation of the Joomla software Ver 2.5 and 3.5 on localhost and compare them.

And Finally the last session saw discussion on back-end and administrator and how to Organize the content, modules, components, plugin.

Certificates were then given out at the end of the second day session.

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