• Bihar Dalit Vikas Samiti (BDVS), Patna:Bihar Dalit Vikas Samiti (BDVS) was set up in 1982 in Patna, the organization works among Dalits with its regional offices in 15 districts.The main areas of their work are: Social and educational empowerment of Dalits, Economic empowerment, and Solidarity building, eradication of caste discrimination and village level mobilization of women and men.
  • Centre for Confederation of Voluntary Organisations (COVA), Hyderabad: COVA is a network of Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and Voluntary Organizations (VOs) working in the Old City of Hyderabad and 10 districts of the State of Andhra Pradesh in India. COVA membership comprises of over 300 member organisations in Hyderabad and nearly 300 organisations in the districts
  • Centre for Social Studies, Surat: The Centre for Social Studies is an autonomous research institute devoted to social research. Founded as the Centre for Regional Development Studies by Prof. I.P. Desai in Surat in 1969, it is an approved institution of the South Gujarat University for Ph.D. and has been located on its campus since 1980. Besides multi - disciplinary research, the Centre has also been actively involved in guiding doctoral students, teaching, consultancy, training, as well as evaluation and monitoring of various development programmes.
  • Help Foundation, Srinagar:  Set up in 1998 by a group of individuals (journalists, social workers/activists, doctors and government employees), the organization works with affected children, particularly orphans. The Foundation also provides relief and rehabilitation to destitute women and children and to survivors of rape although on a limited scale. They also run schools, orphanage and skill training centres for women.
  • Jammu & Kashmir Research and Development Trust (JKRDT), Srinagar: An off shoot of the Primary Health Care Centre, JKRDT was founded in September 2007. The team consists of doctors, volunteers and the co-ordinator at the Centre. Their mandate is health, with a focus on training and advocacy.
  • Jan Vikas Samajik Sansthan (JVSS), Beed, Maharashtra: Jan Vikas Samajik Sansthan has been working in Beed and Latur districts of Marathwada region, Maharashtra, since 1995.Their main focus is on land rights, empowerment of Dalits, de- notified tribes and women. The organisation has been the vanguard of a people's movement to regularise encroached 'gairan' (grazing) land in the region. They also engage in advocacy and lobbying on land rights, education, Panchayati Raj Institutions and government schemes. Several Self Help Groups and local networks have been initiated by JVSS.

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