Aman's activities consist of three elements:

  • Sensitisation and awareness on conflict-related issues for developing civic restraint. This will include the dissemination of cultural resources for conflict prevention.
  • Partnerships with voluntary groups and organisations that have a potential for autonomous activity in Aman's areas of concern.
  • Service provision to persons in need of rehabilitation, including displaced persons and those affected by the psycho-social consequences of conflict.

AMAN's programmes are designed for long-term social effects, even as they address immediate problems. In a broad sense they are pedagogical in nature, for they are meant to enhance society's intellectual and professional resources for democratic institution-building and the reduction of practices that lead to social tension and violence. Its programmes will require regular interaction with persons of diverse backgrounds - young citizens and students, NGO workers, women's and workers' organisations, officials and media-persons. The Trustees are persons with many years of experience in research and advocacy on conflict-related issues. Their decision to establish a Trust devoted to the reduction of social tensions is based on the conviction that civil society can play a crucial role towards this end. We intend for Aman's projects to contribute to this social responsibility.

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