Strategy and Perspectives

 AMAN believes that the consequences of man-made disasters are increasingly evident in India today. These include:

  • The thousands of bereaved and single-parent families
  • The growing number of refugees and orphans who face an uncertain future
  • The erosion of state institutions that are meant to resolve conflict
  • The growth of sectarian and intolerant attitudes
  • The spread of prejudice among children and young adults
  • The increasing acceptance of violence, the normalisation of brutality
  • The neglect of marginalised peoples and voices
  • The daily struggle faced by women, men and children living with traumatic memories

AMAN considers it imperative to prevent such disasters or reduce their impact. We take a pro-active approach to conflict. Our projects focus on the social and psychological rehabilitation of people made invisible by conflict, especially orphans, refugees and widows. AMAN networking, sensitisation and legal-aid programmes strengthen democratic institutions and develop society's resources for non-violent conflict resolution.

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