Programme Design

The AMAN's programmes are managed by a central office and implemented under six major portfolios that are described below. AMAN’s library, archives and the web-site are important pedagogical resources for work on peace-building. The portfolios are:

  • Gender Mental Health and Conflict: This portfolio works on the impact of conflict on women, children, the marginalised and old people. Particular attention is given to the ailments, psychological distress and trauma generated by conflict. We also address loss of employment, the breakup of the family, domestic violence, the increase in the number of orphans and single women and their suspended status. Women's groups are strengethened to address issues of justice in their communities, the lack of which is a major causal factor of conflict.  Interviews, discussions, training of counsellors, mental health awareness workshops and training camps with doctors are used to address these issues.
  • Campaign for Non-violent Conflict Resolution: Rising levels of violence contribute to the degeneration of public institutions, the marginalisation of weaker sections of society, and create an acceptance of brutality in everyday life. This portfolio will use written, theatrical and audio-visual materials to address the phenomenon of violence. Its aim is to disseminate values of nonviolence and civic restraint and to study the processes that create conflict.
  • Pedagogy for Social Peace and Civic Restraint: Aman will collaborate with universities and other institutions to design and teach syllabi on peace and conflict issues. It supports civic initiatives that work among children, college students and professionals and is developing educational modules that inculcate a deeper understanding of conflict. Experience and material gained from otherportfolios will be processed and disseminated.
  • Human Security, Citizenship and Law: Aman works for institutional reform and service provision on issues regarding citizenship and the rights of people affected by conflict. We aim to evaluate and strengthen existing institutions for conflict resolution and to develop social awareness on citizenship and constitutional liberties. Activities will include an examination of relevant judgements for their impact on citizens' rights; and advocacy regarding the functioning of the criminal justice system.
  • Social Resources and Caste Conflict: Conflicts around caste, social stigma and material resources have generated much violence in India. Aman will address the socioeconomic and cultural predicament of oppressed groups and informal labour. We will examine the nature of caste conflict in order to design programmes for its mitigation, and participate in advocacy for social justice and civic rights.
  • Culture, Symbols and Identities: This portfolio will work on traditions of Indian spirituality that exist parallel to the parameters of organized religion. It will examine symbols and identities to understand their functions and to emphasise communal harmony and the social responsibilities of the individual. Activities will include organising public events and disseminating ideas and research findings in order to raise public awareness.

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